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04 Jun 2017

Hello world :)

My name is Piotr Boguslawski and I’am a software developer with 30 years of practice.

On this blog I will be posting various curiosities and tips for programming in different languages, on different platforms and using a variety of technologies.

Currently I am in the process of exploring Xamarin and Xamarin.Forms technologies, which allow you to create applications for iOS, Android, MacOS and Windows in C# programming language and give you the ability to share the same source code between so many platforms in a really big way.

If these technologies evolve - it’s never certain when Microsoft is behind a project ;) - it should really revolutionize mobile and non-mobile application developing because it speeds things up several times.

So far I like it although Xamarin.Forms is, in my opinion, unnecessarily complicated in some modules.

We’ll see what happens…

I invite you to work together on my projects exploiting the aforementioned technologies. By writing a fairly large and useful application and various libraries we can learn a lot and have a lot of fun. Much more than studying examples…




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